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"DECOR your dreams"


PRODUCT Categories

KHAN EXIMPO hall Hanging Lamps  crystal metal gold plated large chanderier pendant.jpg
KHAN EXIMPO moroccan metal hanging lamp chandelier.jpg

Metal Moroccan Lamps

Hotel Lobby Crystal Chandelier KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Crystal Hanging Chandelier

KHAN EXIMPO Vintage gold Pendant Lantern chandelier.jpg

Vintage Gold Pendant

Rope Chandelier Retro Lamps KHAN EXIMPO rope pendant light satulight chandelier.jpg

Metal Rope Retro

khan eximpo Gold rimmed decorative charger plate Wedding table setting.jpg
Khan Eximpo Fancy Design Crystal Charger Plate for Wedding Event Decoration Gold Silver Di

Crystal Charger

Antique Design Charger Plates KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Antique Charger Plate

Wooden Charger Plate

Khan eximpo Wooden SERVING PLATE  PLATE Cherger Plate set.jpg

Galvanized Charger

Galvanized Simple Charger Plate KHAN EXIMPO.jpg
Khan Eximpo Wholesale 24Pcs set-Stainless Steel Gold Plate Cutlery Set Dinnerware Tablewar

Italian Brass Cutlery Set

Italian Gold Plated Flatware Cutlery Set KHAN EXIMPO.jpg
Silver Flatware Set Stainless Steel Cutlery KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Customize Luxury Cutlery Set

Luxury Gold Plated Silverware Set KHAN EXIMPO.jpeg
Antique Cutlery Set KHAN EXIMPO.jpeg

Cutlery Set

KHAN EXIMPO Christmas Mini Metal Tabletop Christmas Lantern.jpg
Khan Eximpo Christmas Decorative metal glass lantern for decoration.jpg


KHAN EXIMPO Hanging Christmas Decor Star Shape Tea Light Holder metal glass star lantern.j

Christmas Star

KHAN EXIMPO Christmas Ornaments Decoration Resin Table Christmas Reindeer for decoration.j

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor Candle Stands KHAN EXIMPO.jpeg

Christmas Candle

Khan Eximpo Metal Home Decoration Plant Pot Planter.jpg
Traditional Galvanized Planter KHAN EXIMPO.jpeg


Decorative Antique Cast Iron Planter KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Antique Vase

Stainless Steel  Flower Planter KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Stainless Steel

KHAN EXIMPO Metal Luxury Metal Decorative Antique Planter.jpg

Metal Hexagon

Music-Themed Metal Wall Art Interior Decoration KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Metal Flowers
Wall Art

KHAN EXIMPO Antique Design Wall Art Décor Antique Flowers Wall Art Decoration.jpg

Wall Art

Christmas Woodland Metal Wall Art KHAN EXIMPO.jpg
KHAN EXIMPO Antique Design Wall Art Décor Roman Antique Wall Clock Wall Art Decoration.jpg

Antique Clock
Wall Art

Brass Animals
Wall Art

Metal Brass Cast Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino Animals Wall Decor Art KHAN EXIMPO.jpg
KHAN EXIMPO Custom Luxury Sweet Wedding Gift Box.jpg
Luxury Glass Jewelry Cosmetic Storage Box KHAN EXIMPO.png

Luxury Glass
Jewelry Box

Luxury High Quality Wooden Jewelry Box KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Custom Wooden
Jewelry Box

Khan Eximpo Vintage Jewelry Box 2 Layers Metal Art Craft Trinket Box Flower Carved with St

Antique Carved
Jewelry Box

Luxury Round Flower Gift Box KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Card Board
Gift Box

KHAN EXIMPO Vegetable & Fruit Metal Wire Storage Basket.png
Metal Wire Mesh Stackable Storage kitchen Fruit Vegetable Basket With Wheel KHAN

Metal Stackable
Fruit Stand

3-Tier Fruit Basket Decorative Fruit Bowl Stand KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

3-Tier Fruit Basket

European Style Luxury Metal Fruit Tray Display Stand KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Luxury Metal Fruit Tray Display

Wooden and Matal Fruit Multifunctional Tray KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Wooden & Metal
Fruit Tray

Khan Eximpo A Dallah traditional Arabic coffee pot with cups and coffee beans.jpg
Arabic Dallah Tea Coffee Pot KHAN EXIMPO.png

Brass Arabic
Coffee Set

KHAN EXIMPO Morocco Turkish Silver Coffee Pot Set Copper Antique Brass Coffee Set.jpg

Traditional Turkish
Coffee Set

Hammered Dallah Baghdadi KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Iraqi Brass 
Coffee Set

KHAN EXIMPO Traditional Antique Old Greek Coffee Serving Cup Saucer Set Coffee Maker Set.j

Antique Greek
Coffee Maker

KHAN EXIMPO Wine Goblet,  Champagne Glass .jpg
Bartender Kit Bar Set Tools Cocktail Shaker KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Bartender Kit
Bar Tools

Wine Rack Bottle Stand KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Wine Rack
Bottle Stand

Wine Goblet,  Champagne Glass KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Champagne Glass
Wine Goblet

High Quality Wine Cooler Champagne Chiller Ice Bucket KHAN EXIMPO.jpg

Wine Chiller
Ice Bucket

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