Frequently asked questions.

Why is it important to get your car detailed in Mississauga?

Leaving stains on fabric for too long will deteriorate your car interior prematurely. The same goes for bird droppings, extended UV exposure, and acid rain on your vehicle's paint. The intense Toronto sun during summer and the unforgiving Canadian winters put a toll on your vehicle's long-term viability, reducing the effectiveness of your clear coat. If you want to extend the life of your car, getting a mobile auto detail in Toronto is one of the services you'll need to perform at least once a year. Mångata Auto Pros technicians will remove stains from your carpets, seats, floors, doors, dashboard, center console, steering wheel, and headliner. We will also apply a leather-care lotion & vinyl moisturizer to restore factory shine & increase the life of your car interior.

What's included in my interior auto detail package?

Your Mångata Auto Pros Toronto interior auto detail package includes the following: - Full interior vacuum including trunk - Dirt & stain extraction (salt stains, coffee stains, etc) - Shampooing of carpets, floors, & mats - Leather & cloth seats washed with special cleaner - Center console, dashboard, & steering wheel sanitized - Steam cleaning AC ducts to kill bacteria & odours - UV protection & moisturizer applied to preserve interior - Your interior will look, feel, and smell like a brand new car

What's included in my interior + exterior auto detail package?

Your Toronto interior + exterior auto detail package includes everything in the interior package plus: - Full waterless cleanse with top quality eco-friendly products - Rims & tires scrubbed & shined - Door jams washed - 6 month paint protection applied to seal your clear coat & protect your car paint - Your car shining like it just came out of the showroom, ready to take on the roads

How does mobile car detailing work in Mississauga?

A commonly asked question is how does the mobile car detailing work? Our technicians are equipped with all the gear and chemicals they need to detail your car in any location. Whether you're at work, school, or relaxing at home, you don't need to worry about commuting. Simply book an appointment, and a technician will service your car. You'll be notified once we are done detailing your car and you'll inspect the final result. Your tech will then walk you around your car and show you what was done, and you'll perform a final assessment to ensure no details were missed. Voila! Your car is now cleaned to showroom status.

How long will my auto detailing take in Mississauga?

Mångata's auto detailing process is rigorous and exhaustive. With our proprietary methods, you can expect your interior detail to take up to three hours. Your interior + exterior detail will take up to four hours.